Useful Tips on How to Apply Hair Beads and Hair Snaps

We are always on the lookout for the most darling, fun accessories to dress up your children’s tresses. Hair beads can be used by any girl to add to hot hair beads for style or just for fun craft projects. Snaps can be sprinkled throughout any hair style, not just black hair. There really is no end to the fun you can have with hair beads, hair snaps, and other hair accessories.

Hair snaps and hair beads are a wonderful way to get kids excited about their hair. Let them decorate your hair too! Wear some beads and a snap to match your daughter’s hair style, she’ll love it. The products and combs we offer will be great for everyone in your household. Bandanas and sleep caps will help you keep your hair style clean and neat.

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Here are some tips on how to apply beads to the hair, and put the snap on the end. With an easy beader, add beads to the stem in reverse order that you want them on the braid. Then take the end of the braid and insert it into the eye of the beader. Make sure it’s just the thinner end of the hair, not the fat part, since the fat part will not fit back through the beads. Then push the beads up the stem of the beader and over the hair that is through the eye. The braid will have to fold up to fit through the bead holes. Keep pushing the beads up and off the end of the beader. Make sure they fit snug on the braid, or keep a hold of the end of the braid so they don’t fall off! Then grab your snap, wrap the very end of the braid around the hinge a couple of times, and mash the closure onto the end wisps. There you have it! Your braid is now beaded! You can also choose to finish off the braid with a bead itself.

Little girls love everything purple, blue and pastel. Luckily, many beads come in mixes of purples and pinks, and snaps and beads come in pastel mixes, too. Some moms choose to mix up all the colors, and some like a more monochromatic look. You can have some fun mother-daughter time by sitting at the computer together and letting her pick out her own color combinations.

Of course the fun doesn’t stop there. Tote bags with your child’s name on them are a great gift for any little girly girl. She will be delighted when she opens the personalized bag to reveal lots of brightly colored beads and hair snaps inside! The more excited your daughter gets about the bling that goes in her hair, the better she will sit for you to style it.