Learn How-to-do Cornrows

Cornrows are the best if you desire cool hair. Not only it’s trendy and freestyle, your scalp can also breathe easy. As it’s airy between the rows of hair. So one of the best style to choose for summer. If you’ve short hair, you will need to get full-length hair. Also, get some beeswax to hold it in while you shape them.

Here are the steps:

  1. Comb in some beeswax into your hair to make sure it stays in shape during the braiding session.
  2. Using the pointed end of the comb, separate a section of hair from the rest from top of your head to the nape. Rather than big clumps of hair, try small sections as it’s neater and looks better.
  3. Clip the other half of the hair section you are not working on. Keep in mind the section of hair starts thicker at the front and ends tight at the nape. For your nape is narrower than your forehead.
  4. Separate the hair into 3 strands and start to weave it into the middle. You can check out 3 simple strand braid tips for more detailed guide. If you plan to add natural or even synthetic hair, then circle the new hair into your hair section and begin weaving using the 3 simple strand method.
  5. Remember to run your one of your fingers through the full length of your hair every few weaves, this will straighten up your hair and avoid it from being entangled.
  6. Use styling-wax to seal off the end of your braids or you can soak the tips in hot water and let it dry naturally.

(Image source: Pinterest Sherry)