Learn how-to-do 4 Strand Braid

Next easiest braid style after 3 Strand Braid is the 4 Strand Braid. The 4 Strand Braid is a thick braid style and looks powerful. The braid is suitable for formal events such as cocktail and dance parties yet also makes for a beautiful wedding tress. In the 3 Strand Braid, we weave the left and right strand into the middle strand in an alternate fashion. Where as in 4 Strand Braids, we weave the middle stands together and then encircled the outer strands, alternatively.

Here are the steps:

  1. Spray a fine mist of water with a few drops of essential oil or you can use a dab of wax to prepare your hair before braiding.
  2. If you do not require hair extension, divide your hair bundle into 4 equal parts and skip Step 3 and 4.
  3. You can opt for a smooth and thin extension such as Senegalese hair if you need hair extension. For full head extension, it’s recommended to use at least 4-6 packs.
  4. Fold the hair extensions in half and separate your initial hair bundle into 2 equal section. Wrap both bundle with the hair extensions and twist once on each side to secure the extension.
  5. Now you have 4 strands of hair and imagine they’re labelled as Strand A, B, C and D. Or you can use different color hair bands and tie up the 4 strands.
  6. Next overlap Strand C over Strand B.
  7. Next overlap Strand C under Strand A.
  8. Next overlap Strand B over Strand D.
  9. Next overlap Strand D over Strand A.
  10. Next overlap Strand A over Strand B.
  11. Next overlap Strand C over Strand D.
  12. Next overlap Strand B over Strand C.
  13. Continue to weave this pattern until the end of your hair and secure it with pretty hair clip or hair band.


There you have it, easy tips to weave 4 Strand Braid!