How to Prep Hair for 100 Day Hair Braids

Caring for your natural hair and scalp should come first before any type of hair installation, especially with 100 Day Braids braids. Starting off with that healthy foundation will ensure a longer-lasting protective style that will encourage your own natural hair to grow and retain its length by protecting it from damage and breakage.

When wearing twists or braids as a long-term protective style, it is better to make them small or miniature.  Bigger twists and bigger braids tend to frizz faster, thus reducing the duration of the style.  Do you love the look of mini twists but hate the single-strand knots that come with them?  Well, keep your hair stretched while wearing them or opt for mini braids instead; single-strand knots are not as prevalent with these alternatives. There is also the option of doing your twists slightly bigger – not too big, but not miniature.