How to Dress Up for Bou Bhaat

Bengali weddings have a lot of culture and flavor involved in them. The weddings are a long ceremony segmented by various days. Each of these days symbolize a particular stage of the wedding and it is very important that all these stages be followed. The day of bou bhaat is the step before the final night of conjugation. During this day the bride cooks for the entire family of the groom and it is the first meal of hers in the home of her in laws. She serves the entire family of the groom herself. Bengali brides take this day very seriously as it starts their living with the in laws.

Go for a bright but elegant benarasi

The dresses used for the day of Bou Bhaat are not that different from the day of the actual wedding ceremony. The Bengali brides tend to dress in heavy sarees often called ‘benarasi’. These sarees are adorned with intricate designs and stitches. These designs are made from gold and silver threading. These sarees are a perfect option for any new bride on their bou bhaat day. The color of sarees can be bright and glamorous like orange and red. They really stand out but people are also shifting towards a bit of unconventional colors like blue or pink. These colors work wonderfully with the heavy jewellery which has to be worn on that day. Matching eye liner or application of kajol works wonderfully as well. Other than that there are also factors of jewelries.

Stone work jewellery works the best

Jewelries must be worn by the bride on this day to accentuate her over all dressing. The jewellery includes bangles and neck pieces. Try to wear jewellery which has a lot of different precious stones on them. That gives the entire jewellery sets much more appeal. They also include various anklets and earring designs. Nose rings can also be worn but that can be kept as optional. Various hair ornaments can also be worn on this day which includes gold pins and brooches.

Style your hair properly

The styling of the hair can also be done in a variety of ways from traditional buns to braids. The traditional Bengali buns are the most common type of hair style used on the bou bhaat day however people are also starting to carry the braids hairstyle where the hair is braided into a beautiful volume and left hanging. The shoe wear worn on this day matches with the saree and there are a variety of designer foot wear exceptionally made for occasions such as bou bhaat. They are all very elegant looking and incorporate a certain level of vibrancy in them.

Overall the dresses which can be worn on bou bhaat are several for any Bengali brides you have to realize what will look good on you. Plan ahead and make sure you pick out everything as last minutes decisions on this can turn into disasters.