Easy Invisible Part – Step-By-Step Instructions

Create a natural look with an invisible part.

In this article, I will show the fast and easy way to D-I-Y bonded wraps with invisible parts. The first step in adding extensions is making sure your natural hair is secured and not left open to damage. There are a few ways you can ensure your hair is protected for the duration of your weave or bond. One way you can secure your hair is to part you hair where you want the invisible part to be applied and braid flat corn rows from front to back, sewing the ends back up in the direction of your forehead, and then placing a stalking cap over it. For the flattest and smoothest finished look I would suggest that you part your hair first then gel your hair back into a mid pony tail and gel the hair from the pony tail upwards and smoothly ensuring it blends flat onto the top of your head. For this technique you would not need a stalking cap but it is imperative that you allow your hair to dry completely before preceding to the first step.

Materials Needed

• Scissors

• Straight Blade

• Hair Bonding Glue

• Hair Extensions (usually 1 pack)

• Stalking Cap (optional)

• Rat Tail Comb

• Spritz

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Step 1

Begin by applying a little bonding glue to the stalking cap (if you are using one) to secure the cap from slipping once you start bonding your tracts. Do not glue the cap past your natural hair line at the nape. Measure the track by placing one end at the nape from side to side. Cut tract and apply bonding glue and spray glue with spritz for faster and more secure hold. Repeat this process working you way to the top of your head. Your tracts should run from hairline to hairline horizontally tail you get to the top. Depending on the depth of your part you should leave 6-8 inch tract and lay it aside for use in constructing your invisible part. Most hair extensions that were specifically made for wraps will include a closure. If the one you purchased does not have one, I will show you how to close in step 4 but you must again leave about a 12 inch tract to close in addition to the 6-8 inches for the invisible part.

Step 2

You should have approximately one inch between the visible skin on your scalp where you have made your part to the last horizontal track before starting the invisible part line. Take your scissors and cut the stalking cap right above your part and trim the excess off between the cut you just made and the tract. Next, take the 6-8 inch tract we reserved for the invisible part and split the tract down center where the thread is to make two thinner 6-8 inch tracts. Use your scissors to cut the tracts into 1 inch pieces and apply a very thin amount of bonding glue and spritz on them. The more glue you apply the messier the part will look defeating the purpose.

Step 3

As you can see there are two empty sides on either side of your part. Starting at the very front of your head at your hairline where you made your part, place a one inch tract at the very root of your part ensuring that you lay the tiny tracts going forward and not backward. It is very important that you continue laying tracts closely together in a straight line along your part. When placing the tracts use the tail end of the comb to press the tract into place. At first applying light pressure until it becomes tacky then pressing harder as it dries further. This helps prevent glue from gushing out from under tract and making a mess. Continue on both sides of the tract. Remember the narrower the part, the more natural it will appear.

Step 4

Now that you have your fabulous invisible part in place, its time for us to construct our closure. As I mentioned earlier, if your hair extensions came with a closure then you do not need to read about constructing one. Simply apply a thin bead of bonding glue in a circular motion to the closure, spritz and allow glue time to become tacky before applying. Again, very wet glue can run and gush, thus ruining your wrap. When glue is tacky place at the very center of area that needs closure and press firmly.

If you have to construct a closure first take the 12 inch tract we reserved from step one and split it into two 12 inch tracts like we did the tract we applied to our part. You should have somewhat of a circle or oval shape that needs to be closed on the crown of your head. Take one of the 12 inch tracts you split into two and apply a thin bead of bonding clue and spritz and allow glue to tack. Working your way from the outside of the circle to the inside, paste tract in a circular motion. After doing this you should notice that you have a tiny hole left to close. Take the final portion of the 12 inch tract and apply an even thinner bead of glue to the length of the tract, spritz and allow to tack. Starting with one end of the tract, roll the tract tightly into a small roll. Finally place a pea sized dab of bonding glue at the base of the small rolled tract and securely place the tract inside the tiny hole at the crown of your head. Remember after placing the rolled tract in the tiny opening, take your finger and push down on the center of the roll before glue dries completely. This will cause the roll to expand the width of the hole and to lay flat on top.