Blue Ivy Hair Styles Boom Shaka Laka!

Charming baby girl, not only with her sense in hair fashion but now, she’s testing out her singing skills. Blue Ivy charms us and still continue to do it. So she wears the best braids and millions of moms love to have them on their kids. Does she choose her own braid-style? As hinted by Jazmine, writer for, Beyonce and Blue Ivy spotted the same style, we know it was Beyonce who decides on the braids.  And it makes us think Beyonce has excellent taste and grooming Blue Ivy to be a queen. So another rapper goddess, yes please! And she doesn’t settle for one style for too long.


Boom Shaka Laka baby girl! Recently, Blue Ivy started her own debut in her daddy’s , Jay Z latest album “4.44”. This girl can pull off the best beat and right pitch. That which is exciting, given she’s the best song gift, two rap gods’ blood coursing in her veins. She’s definitely better than the current generation of rapper. And they just sing fuzzily. Mumbo Jumbo.  Words all mumbled and jumbled up. And force us turn up the speaker’s volume just trying to make some sense. Or just google’d for the lyrics. Let’s know what do you think of Boom Shaka Laka and do you like it?

Here are some of Blue Ivy’s best braids!

(Image: Pinterest Beyloving)


Cute double bun!

(Image: Pinterest Angela Logan)


Pink tutu and matching braid here, just plain simple….

(Image: Pinterest steph)


Beautiful cornrows with pink accessories!

(Image: Pinterest


Looks beautiful Princess!



Let’s guess which hair style she’ll spot for her first stage performance in future! Cornrows? Yes!


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