7 Swag Side Swept Undercuts – Hair Ideas for Men 2018

Men loves simple hairstyles. Simple hairstyle is both easy to maintain and don’t require many hair wax or creams. They hate to lose hours in styling their hair unlike the opposite sex. Even so, they love if their hair style has some swag factor!

If you are someone who likes to wear their hair on one side then getting the side swept undercut may be your best solution! Men who care about their appearance and those who wish to look cool will succeed with the following hairstyles. The undercut is currently a big hit and everyone is getting it with side swept twist. No matter how old you are, we guarantee you that you will pull it off.

Top 7 Side Swept Undercuts

Side swept undercut can transform your attitude from regular to super attractive. Men worldwide are falling for this hairstyle more and more. The reason behind that is because they are seeing a lot of celebrities on TV as well as on Instagram showing it off. If you are indecisive about getting it let the following list convince you.


1. Smoking Hot

If you are blessed enough to have blue eyes you will feel and look like a jackpot! This hairstyle with blue eyes will easily grab everyone’s attention and women will fall for it easier than you’d think. If you also add a well-groomed bear to it you will have a full strike.

2. The Player

If you are a mysterious type of a guy the side swept undercut will look the best on you. Put some shades on, wear a leather black jacket and you will feel the fire. This hair totally matches your quite and dark personality and people will spot that. Be ready for tons of compliments.

3. Young and Bold

If you are younger and still craving this hairstyle our advice is that you get it. Side swept undercut suits everyone, and practically transforms boys to men. You will probably be the coolest kid at your school and everyone may wish to get the same haircut as you. So be ready to give out your barbers phone number because everyone will want the same cut as yours.

4. Dramatic Difference

Those men who like to wear it more on the side than usual can do that. Blow-dry it all on the one side of your face after you get out of the shower. Comb your hair and secure it with a hairspray. You will notice that it makes a huge difference and who knows, maybe you end up liking it that way even more.

5. Hair Madness

6. Curly Undercut

7. Drama Alert