6 Brilliant and Bold Box Braid Bob Hair Cuts

Just because you have a braided hairstyle, this does not mean that you should not choose to have a shorter haircut. Box braid bobs are an increasingly popular choice for African-American women. The style is really cute and can look really professional as well. It is the ideal look for women who want to have it all.

Plaiting Box Braid Bobs

Box braid bobs can be styled using natural hair or synthetic hair extensions. If you want a natural bob, you will have to make sure that your hair is shoulder length before you begin to braid, as the hair will seem shorter once it has been plaited. It can take a long time to grow your hair to this length and you might need to relax it to make it more manageable. Some women find it easier to add special braided extensions to give their hair extra length.


#1: Silver-Grey Bob

Silver-grey is a lovely color for a box braid bob. It is a soft and fashionable color that contrasts well with natural black hair colors.

#2: Asymmetrical Bob

Integrate a side parting into your hairstyle, so that you can create an asymmetrical bob. Asymmetrical styles are a very modern and fashionable choice for a braided bob hairstyle.

#3: Off center Ponytail

An off-center ponytail gives any hairstyle a super sassy edge. It can be used as a way to change symmetrical bob hairstyles into asymmetrical ones. This means that it is the perfect way to change up your hairstyle.

#4: Fashion Accessories

Transform your look by using the right fashion accessories. A simple black hat is a wonderful option for women who want a practical yet stylish hair covering.


#5: Chunky Box Braids

Chunky box braids tend to hold their shape better than thinner braids do. This means they are perfect for women who want to maintain a more rounded style of bob.

#6: Half-Up Half Down

Change the shape, texture and volume of your bob hairstyle by pinning it so that it is half up and half down. Just take the top layer of your hair and pull it up towards the back of your head. Pin this in place whilst leaving the rest of the style down.

Cute bob hairstyles are a lovely choice for women with box braids, but bobs are not the only choice. If you are looking for a longer box braid haircut, you should take a look at some of our other fabulous hairstyle lists for women.