40 Haircuts For Black Boys

Designed haircuts for boys are a quickly growing fashion trend. Who doesn’t want to don awesome cuts at a young age? Stylish haircuts including super edge out lines, neat faded sides, upscale Mohawks, and designed cornrows have boys ready for the runway. For the latest and coolest hairdos, take a look at these 40 cool and trendy haircuts for boys.


Natural Curly Hair

The longer the curls grow out, the more styling options a boy has. For a hairstyle that requires little maintenance, craft curly locks into wonderful works of art.

Edged Out Haircuts

A short, buzzed haircut with just a few detailed lines creates an awesome style. The various fades that can create a neat buzzed cut. Showcase how hip and cool you are with a cut that requires little maintenance while providing a contrasting sharp look.

Blurry Kid Fade

To create a fresh look, a clean fade cut is an excellent choice for a boy’s haircut. Curly hair on top combined with faded sides and back is a great style. A fantastic look is achieved by featuring a hard razor part with well-defined lines.

Three-Stripe Spikey Top

Featuring a neat design similar to waves, this style is a cut above the rest. The designed lines start on the sides and meet at the back of the neck. Three lines resemble a symbol and look cool.

The Small ‘Fro

The small ‘fro is reminiscent of the 60’s style hairdo and young boys are recreating this amazing ‘do. Well-trimmed natural curls in Afro style is a funky look and is growing in popularity among the younger generations.

Taper Mohawk Cut

If you want to don the coolest haircut there is, sport a tapered Mohawk cut and hold your head high. Let your natural hair grow long in the middle, and shave the sides to create a remarkable Mohawk.

High Fade Haircut

Fade haircuts are some of the most popular styles for boys to style their hair in. A high fade features complete disappearing of tresses that are higher than the growth of hairline at the temples and back of your head.

Skin Fade

Soft, curly hair covers the top of your head and extends down to the nape. A skin fade on the sides adds extra boyish charm to this cool cut. A laser sharp line is carved into the front to provide a sophisticated look.


Every young boy wants to be a superhero and wearing a Gotham city hair line into the side of your head is one way to show your love to be a superhero. Shape your creativity into bats and city buildings for an interesting look.

7The ‘Fro Hawk

Rock a unique ‘fro hawk and let your inner musician shine throughout the day. Sport this cool ‘do that requires little maintenance.

6The Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a clean, neat hairstyle that does require proper upkeep to maintain a fresh, hip vibe. For a young boy who enjoys a cool cut and has an eye for style, don a buzz cut to showcase his young sense of fashion.

Low Fade Haircut

Another awesome haircut is the low fade where tresses disappear about one inch over the growth of your hairline. This cool haircut expresses a distinct technique.

5Gelled with Skin Fade

For a sharp cut, apply gel to your locks to help them curl at the top of your head. A clean, fresh finish is provided by a skin fade on the sides. An edgier look is created with neat lining.

Mohawk with Shapes

Create a unique look at a young age by shaving shapes into the side of your head along with a Mohawk. Distinct shapes are etched throughout your hair to form hip designs, and you become a trendsetter.

Polished Fade

For a polished look, create a unique fade on the sides and back of your head. A sharp line is carved at the front of your head for a clean part.


Styling your hair into dreadlocks is a neat way to achieve a cute look. The versatility of dreadlocks allows you to create unique up-dos to showcase your sense of style at such an early age.

Flat Top

Add creativity to a traditional box cut by combining a low fade on the sides and back with a razor part. Add modern touches to old school haircuts to jazz up your style.

The Shooting Star

Shaving a shooting star into your hair is an innovative step of style. Who better to take this step than you? Design a masterpiece in your hair, and let your creative juices flow.

Regular Cut

If you prefer a hairstyle that is simple and neat, the regular cut is the exact fashion for you. Effortlessly style this haircut each day for a simple, cute look. Don a haircut that matches your personality and stay true to who you are.

Side Parting

For a tasteful, cool look, pair a side part with low tapering to convey how awesome your style is. This contemporary cut goes well with medium to thick hair and show the hair designer half of you.

Undercut Hairstyle

Be the coolest kid in school when you don an undercut paired with short sides and long hair on top of your head. Achieve greatness by letting your top hair be rather long, tousled and include an asymmetric fringe.

Highlighted Cut

Highlight your tresses with a shade of blonde for more style and depth to your cut. A bald fade where the sides and back are cut to the skin with longer hair on top is perfect for adding color.

4The Lightning Bolt

A different yet trendy look is the lightning bold design shaved into your hair. Be even more creative by styling your natural locks as a Mohawk with highlights.


An elaborate hairstyle is crafted when cornrows are braided throughout your tresses for a cute, sophisticated look. Designs can be created with your cornrows. Razored areas on the sides create a unique style.

Natural Long Afro

A cute, handsome look is created when you let your natural hair grow to long length to form an awesome Afro. Wear this Afro with the latest fashion trend, or pair it with khakis and a dress shirt.

Deep Wave

Well defined edges and light waves are an impressive haircut for a young boy. Styling maintenance is required with this haircut, but the ‘do achieved in the end is remarkable.

Laced Haircut

For a super cute haircut, curl your locks on top for more visual volume and a soft touch. Amazing artistic lines adorn the faded sides to create a fashion forward look.

Multi-Level Top

Thick hair is perfect for this unique haircut. Varying levels in your tresses create more depth and dimension in your style.

Duck Tail

A trendy haircut, the duck tail style involves a high top with medium fade sides. Leave a small patch of hair at the nape to create the tail of a duck.

Team Names

Customize your haircut with the name of your favorite sports team. Highlighted here, are the LA Lakers with sharp lines and neat shapes.

Faded Mohawk

Let your locks maintain their natural look by donning a thick Mohawk. A razor part and faded sides create an awesome shape for the Mohawk.


Etching your favorite sport into your hair is a wonderful way to convey your interests. Take your cut to the next level by dyeing your design.

3Dreadlock Cut

Achieve the lock of a “rhasta man” by donning dreadlocks paired with a perfectly cropped haircut. A brilliant style and look can be achieved by young boys.

2The Two-Level Top

Create a two-level top haircut by having a line go from your forehead towards the back. Shave a section to create two levels for funky style.


Adding more texture to your haircut is a unique way to stand out. Longer tresses cover the top and crown of your neck. Sharp lines bring a certain coolness to this style.

Highlighted Afro

A fabulous, edgy look is created when you highlight your classic Afro with a shade of blonde. Sharp linings showcase your hip sense of fashion.

Bald Fade

For a unique fade look, pair a buzz cut with a bald fade that only occurs around the area of the occipital bone. Be a cut above the rest with this style.

Artistic Line

Carve an artistic surgical line through the sides of your hair for a modern look to a classic style. Be the designer of your own cool fashion.

Faux Hawk

A short faux hawk haircut is crafted throughout your coarse hair for an awesome ‘do. Neat edges and sharp lines provide just the right touch of coolness.

Twisted Top

Innovation is added to this style by twisting the tresses on top. This cut is an original ‘do for a boy. Let your natural hair be the centerpiece of a creative look.