30 Stunning Soul Red Box Braids

Box braids one of the best hairstyles you should try at least once. Box braids are glamourous, stylish and show great fashion sense. Box braids fit on any face shape but you will benefit even more if you have an oval or round face. Box braids are the perfect protective style because they do not stop you from washing your hair and applying hair conditioners on your scalp. With this unique braid style, you are free to experiment with different hair colors without coloring your own hair and risk damaging your natural hair roots. Box braids come in many colors but fiery red always capture attention of onlookers.

1.Red Box Braids

Box braids get their name from the box-shaped parts that are used to divide the hair into sections to make individual braids. They can be done with or without adding synthetic braiding hair, but the latter option is more popular for several reasons: adding braiding hair allows you to temporarily change your hair color. Red is a great color that compliments many different skin tones. Whether you want a vibrant red or something darker and more understated, red box braids are a great way to play around with color.

2. Red Box Braids Size and Length

You can choose to make your box braids small, medium-sized, or large. As far as length, you can make them short, medium-length, or long. Medium-sized box braids (braids that are about the size of a pencil) are a popular choice because they can withstand the weight of added hair pretty well; they’re also easy to wash and style. Large or chunky box braids tend to put larger sections of hair but they can be harder to wash and style. Micro braids put the most tension on your hair, so if you choose to go with this size, try to opt for shorter braids and don’t leave them in for long.

3. Styling Versatility

Box braids offer a ton of styling versatility , and the pop of color that comes with red box braids pretty much guarantees that no style will ever be boring. Medium-length and long box braids can be easity styled into ponytails, buns and updos. Even short box braids can be styled in a variety of ways, especially with the help of accessories like beads and cords. Box braids are a great, low-maintenance protective styling choice. If you’re looking for some hairstyle inspiration, here are 30 red box braids styles.

4. Ultra Long Red Box Braids

These deep red box braids are an ideal size and length if you want styling versatility. You can style them in a ponytail, bun or a simple half up half down ponytail like the one pictured.

5. Red Box Braids with Gold Beads

Gold beads compliment the gorgeous bright red color of these box braids, creating a really nice contrast. These braids look great styled with a simple middle part, but they’re long enough for plenty of other styles as well.

6. Dark Red Jumbo Box Braids

These dark red/burgundy box braids are a great choice if you want a more understated shade of red. The size of the braids puts less tension on your roots, which is essential for a successful protective style.

7. Bright Red Box Braids with Half Up High Bun

These bright red box braids are a great choice if you want a bold,head-turning color. They look great styled into a half up high bun style, like the one pictured here.

8. Medium-Sized Wine Colored Box Braids

What’s not to love about these gorgeous wine colored box braids? This style is perfect if you like chunkier braids and darker shades of red.

9. Red Box Braids High Bun With Swoop Bangs

These pretty red box braids are styled into a chic high bun. Side-swept bangs put a twist on the classic high  bun, giving this style a sophisticated edge.

10. Chunky Red and Black Box Braids

Two-toned braids are always a nice way to find that happy medium between trying a new color and matching your braids to your natural hair color. These red and black box braids give you the best of both worlds.

11. Dark Red Box Braids High Ponytail

These pretty red box braids look great pulled up slightly off-center high ponytail. You can easily live day and night with this look.

12. Red Box Braids Jumbo Braid

These long red box braids are styled into a single chunky side braid that hangs over one shoulder.

13. Classic Red Box Braids

In the 90s, box braids this size became known as Poetic Justice braids after Janet Jackson made them popular in the film of the same name. A pretty shade of red puts a spin on classic Poetic Justice braids.

14. Red Box Braids With Double Buns

Double buns are always a fun styling choice, no matter how might be currently wearing your hair. This look is a great way to show off the styling versatility of box braids.

15. Chunky Red Box Braids High Bun

These chunky red box braids are styled into a chic half-up high bun style. Because of their size, you’ll likely need the help of a few hairpins to help keep the braids in place.

16. Bob Length Red Box Braids

Bob-length box braids are a great choice if you want a lightweight, low-maintenance protective style. These bright red box braids are incredibly chic and stylish.

17. Red Box Braids High Bun

These gorgeous red box braids are styled into a neat high bun. This is a classic that never gets old.

18. Multi-Sized Red Box Braids

These braids have a strikingly seamless look because the natural hair has also been dyed red. A single chunky braid in the center of the head and gold beads give this style a really unique look.

19. Red Box Braids Pigtails

Pigtails aren’t just for kids: they’re also a great, fun way to style your box braids and show off that gorgeous red color.

20. Long Red Box Braids with Gold Beads

This style is yet another example of how well red and gold go together. Gold beads are used to accent and accessorize these beautiful red box braids.

21. Red Box Braids Halo Braid

These dark red box braids are styled in one large halo braid that circles the head. This is a unique, gorgeous way to style box braids, though you may need a little help to achieve this look if you are a novice at braiding.

22. Dark Red Ombre Box Braids

If you don’t want to commit to all-red box braids, consider ombre colored braids like these. This look gives you the option to show off (or conceal) as much of that red color as you wish.

23. Bright Red Chunky Box Braids

These box braids are sure to turn heads with their chunky size and vibrant red color. This is a great look for those who prefer larger braids.

24. Red Box Braids with Side Part

The great thing about box braids is that you don’t have to style them everyday if you don’t want to. They look great left down with a simple side part.

25. Deep Red Box Braids High Ponytail

A high ponytail is another great way to style box braids. This style allows the braids to frame your face nicely and it only takes a couple minutes to achieve this look.

26. Deep Red Box Braids with Beads

These pretty box braids are embellished with a few gold beads which help brings out the braids’ deep red color.

27. Chunky Red Box Braids Half Up Half Down

A half up half down style is a great way to wear braids of any length, but it works especially well for these bright red, chunky red box braids.

28. Side Swept Red Box Braids

This simple side-swept style is great, easy way to wear box braids. This look has a casual but sophisticated feel to it.

29. Red Box Braids With Half Up High Bun

These hip-length red braids are accented with gold beads and styled into a half up high bun for a cute, ultra-modern look.

30. Large Red Box Braids

If you can’t decide between pencil-sized and chunky braids, these large red box braids might be just right for you because their size fall right in between.

31. Half Pulled Back Chunky Red Box Braids

This half pulled back style creates a sleek, sophisticated look while showing off the gorgeous deep red color of the braids.

32. High Bun With Tendrils

This cute high bun leaves two braids out in the front, forming tendrils that frame your face. Add a couple beads to the braids for a little extra pizzaz.

33. Red Micro Box Braids

They take a long time to install and they can put too much tension on your roots if you’re not careful, but there’s no denying the beauty of micro braids.