Hair Loss Prevention Secrets

Without a doubt, hair is one of the most reliable indicators of the body’s health. Scientists can even test it to determine what diseases a person has had, or any drugs they have used. Almost everything that has passed through the bloodstream ends up in the hair. Naturally, this includes vitamins and minerals. Many of […]

Rustic Style Clothing

Women love fashion, and rustic style is a trend that most women love. This style can be seen in a variety of clothing. The materials that are commonly used for it are corduroy fabrics. However, clothing is not the only thing that can represent the rustic style. Fashion enthusiasts often incorporate rustic clothing with pieces […]

How to Dress Up for Bou Bhaat

Bengali weddings have a lot of culture and flavor involved in them. The weddings are a long ceremony segmented by various days. Each of these days symbolize a particular stage of the wedding and it is very important that all these stages be followed. The day of bou bhaat is the step before the final […]