Learn how-to-do Havana Twist

Havana is a special braid extension. It needs the hair extension called Havana Mambo Hair which can be purchase on Amazon. This technique hides the hair root within the hair extension. It looks similar very similar to Marley braid but there’s a subtle difference. For Havana hair braids are softer but thicker structure able to […]

Learning Hair Braiding: How to Make Sure You Get Your Money’s Worth

In Africa and many other parts of the world, hair braiding techniques have been handed down from generation to generation. Young children sit patiently while their mothers, aunts or older sisters braid cornrows or other ethnic hairstyles. Later, these same children can be found practicing braided hairstyles on younger siblings or playmates. Perhaps you’ve grown […]

The Best Hair Braiding for Your Facial Shape

Ever seen a hair braiding nightmare? Blond, wispy-haired tourists returning from the Caribbean with sunburned scalps and a couple dozen of straggling microbraids. The girl at the prom who wanted to do something different with her hair and ended up with a weird braided updo, parted in all of the wrong places. The guy with […]