Spot the Difference Between Marley, Havana, Senegalese, + Box Braids

If you are new to world of braiding, chances are that you will be thinking that the black hair lingo refers to different styles of braiding. You are not entirely wrong and the truth is much simpler than that. Marley, Havana and Senagalese braiding styles are actually coined after the braiding materials used for the hair makeup.

Marley Twists

This twist style as the name suggests- uses a kind of hair extensions known as the Marley braid hair brand. This hair braid possesses textures which are very similar to our natural hair and it is coarser to touch compared to traditional synthetic hair.

The instructions on the box suggests that it is to be installed using the the invisible root method, which covers the root of your actual hair – again creating a more natural look – and is then twisted using a two-strand method. Marley twists can give off a thick dreadlock look, hence the name ‘Marley’.

Havana Twists

Havana twists are very similar to Marley twists as they are fixed onto the person head in the same manner and uses very similar hair material. The main difference that you can see is that Havana twists are 2-3 times larger – thicker than Marley twists. That is the twisting has already been done for you and this braid is suitable for those who wants to achieve voluminous look.

Senegalese Twists

Also, known in the field as rope twists, this twist is very much sister to Marley and Havana twists.

The big difference you can notice is that Senegalese typically uses Kanekalon hair which gives a tighter and smoother look. They tend to be slimmer in diameter for one twist and more natural look instead of dreadlock-like.

Box Braids

Once sported by Poetic Justice, Janet Jackson and Brandy, box braid is also accepted in current fashion culture. This twist style is installed using a 3 strand twist to form the braid.

Box braids can vary in thickness and they typically use Senegalese twists as it gives off an overall smoother look.

Are you now amazed? – that the only difference between Marley, Havana and Senegalese is only depending on the braid sizes and type of hair used to install the braid.

Have you tried any braid styles? Let us know your favorite in the comments below.