Remember These Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Braided Hairstyle Hot and Fab

Girls who want to have some fun without having to think and worry about their hair can always go for braided hairstyles.

A braided look can give you a feminine, pretty, and even romantic hairstyle. But, just like with other styles, you just don’t go ahead, do the braids, and expect your hair to retain its beauty all day long.

To ensure that you would never lose that fab and hot look of yours, below are some do’s and don’ts to serve as your guide in carrying out that perfect braided hairstyle.


Do learn different braids.

The numerous finishes you get between a regular braid and fishtail braid can easily make or break the style you want to achieve. It is best to know how you can create different looks using your braids to enjoy more styling varieties.


Do unleash your creativity.

Use your braids to express yourself. Yes, your hair can become a form of expression. Let the whole world see your artwork through adding some hair accessories like gold clips, beads, flowers, or seashells. It’s your hair so make sure to have loads of fun with it.


Do wash the braids.

If you will be going to a pool party, make sure that you wash and condition your braids and your scalp right after and occasionally thereafter to avoid fallen follicles.


Do check the size of your braids.

Braided hairstyles are a lovely way to bring more attention to your hair. However, if this attention is because of an oversized braid that looks comical, it is time to give your style a second thought.


Do pat your itchy scalp.

Avoid using your fingernails every time you feel like scratching your scalp. What you should do instead is rub or pat it gently with the pad of your finger. This way, you will not destroy your hairdo or break your scalp skin. For added relief, you can also use argan oil braid spray meant for itchy scalp. This will not only soothe as it can also add shine and moisturize your braids.

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Don’t forget the edges.

The real magic trick for beautiful braids is to pay attention to your edges, or you risk losing them. So that they will not disappear like magic, pay attention to your most delicate vellus hairs. These are known as baby hairs for a good reason – they need more TLC. Spray some water and dab some amount of oil on the edges everyday for them to stay alive.


Don’t stick to a single look.

You can incorporate braids to your hair in different ways. You can opt for side styling, using braids for creating headbands, spicing updos with braids, or adding braids through fringe.


Don’t go for too tight braids.

How will you know if your braids are too tight? One, it becomes painful when you lay your head on the pillow. Tight braids also cause small bumps cropping up along your hairline, and you have limited facial expressions to avoid headaches. All of these are warning signs that you have very tight braids.


Remember these dos and don’ts, and enjoy your braids for a long time!