Men Braids African American Styles

In the modern world today, looking good is important. That is why everyone wants to look in-stylish and dress fashionably. Now, even men are interested in having an edgy hairstyle that pops out from crowd. A modern world is a place does not limit ones sense of fashion and everybody can express themselves as they want especially in areas concerning fashion. So, to have a perfect and stylish look, you must have an amazing haircut. That is why you have to look at these braid styles for men and one for you or your boyfriend. These hairstyles are a great way to express yourself and to stand out the crowd of the ordinary and boring hairdos. Believe me, that these braid styles will make you look extremely extraordinary, bold and edgy and will help you to create a lasting impression on everybody.

1. Trendy Man Braid With Blond Hair

This hairstyle is the best proof that Man Braid With Blond Hair can look very stylish and attractive. This handsome man demonstrates one of the most popular hairstyles of this season. If you have such blond hair is this male model, this style will make you very handsome.

2. Impressive Braid Styles for Men

Have a look at these impressive Braid Styles for Men. This hairstyle if perfect for men who have shaved hair on the sides and long hair on the top. Your hair will have a neat and stylish look. Three braids tighten in a bun looks very trendy.

3. Handsome Guys With Purple Braids

Do you think that such a purple hair color is not for men? Then have a look at the following Guys With Purple Braids! Shaved sides and purple braids on the top makes this model look very handsome and masculine. This look will impress all your friends for sure.

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4. Stylish Guy Hair Cut With Braids

This look is perfect for young guys. The following Guy Hair Cut With Braids looks so unusual, because it combines short hair on the sides and several braids on the top of the head. Such a hairstyle matches a beard as well. This is a perfect mix for a stylish guy.

5. Attractive Cornrow Braids for Men

Would you like to look like a king? If you have quite a long hair on the top, you should try the following Cornrow Braids for Men. Braids made like this looks great on dark hair, because they make the contrast with the skin. Mix this look with stylish black sunglasses and you will shine very bright.

6. Interesting Men Braided Hairstyles

If you have quite a long hair on the top, you can do these Men Braided Hairstyles. You will look as stylish, as this model. This hairstyle will match even men with thin hair. Three braids tight together in a bun look very stylish. Your look will be awesome with this hairstyle.

7. Bright Men Braid Styles Rainbow Color

Do you want to make your look very bright? Discover these Men Braid Styles Rainbow Color. To do this hairstyle you will need to hair a bit longer hair just on the top of your hair. Color them as a bright rainbow and make a single braid on the top.

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8. Cool Asap Rocky Braids

The following Asap Rocky Braids will match guys with dark and thick hair, preferable African style. You can make braids on the top and keep the sides short. This hairstyle is perfect for guys with medium hair length. Combine this look with stylish clothes and you will impress everyone straight away.

9. New Kind of Hair Braids for Men With Bun

If you have quite long hair on the top of your head, you should definitely pay your attention on these Hair Braids for Men With Bun. This hairstyle is great for men with light hair. You can even color them a bit to give a blond touch and to make the braid even more visible. Braids with buns look very cool.

10. Braided Hairstyles for Black Man

Sometimes it can be hard to choose the best hairstyle for a man. That is why you have to look at our braided hairstyles for a black man because they look especially good on dark skin toned man. Believe me, that these hairdos suit most of the people and you won’t regret your decision.

11. Handsome Box Braids Guys

Do you want to change your look? Have a look at these Box Braids Guys and the way they do their hair. Braids and box hairstyle match perfectly. It does not matter whether you have blond or black, thin or thick hair. This hairstyle with braids tight in a bun on the top will make your style very handsome.

12. Extreme Mohawk Braids for Guys

Are you not afraid to make a cool and even extreme haircut? You should pay attention to these Mohawk Braids for Guys. The guy looks very stylish and masculine, despite the fact that he wears a braid on the top of his head. Such a braid with the combination of shaved sides makes an awesome look.

Stunning examples of classy mohawk are collected in one collection.

13. Top Male French Braids

Once you apply these Male French Braids you will look very stylish. This hairstyle is perfect for men with thick and black hair. This is a very popular hairstyle among men with African type of curly hair. You will enjoy it for its simplicity and stylish look.

14. Beautiful Braids for White Men

If you have blond long hair, this Braids for White Men are what you need. Your blond hair will look awesome once you try this hairstyle. Many men hesitate to do braids, because they associate them with women’s hairstyles. But this model will give you confidence to try this look.

15. New Male French Braids Styles

Do you have doubts that braids do not look enough masculine? Have a look at this model demonstrating new Male French Braids Styles. His black hair with French braids in the combination with a black beard and white shirt looks very up-to-date and fashionable. This is a real macho look you should try.

16. Discover Styled Two Braids for Guy

Have you seen already such Styled Two Braids for Guy? This is something absolutely new in hair fashion. Two braids connected in one and in between there are many tiny braids. Our model has a black hair color, which makes this hairstyle even more contrast. However, it will match guys with blond hair as well.

17. Fashionable Braids With a Faded

Have a look at this handsome man with stylish Braids With a Faded. Would you like to have the same look? This is a new trend to have short hair with a faded on the sides and some braids in a bun on the top. This is a perfect hairstyle if you have African type of hair which are very thick and difficult to take care about.

18. Awesome Men With Feed in Braids

Usually, people think that only women can do different hairstyles. It is not so. There is a huge collection of hairstyles for men on the Internet. If you are tired of doing the usual bun, and you want to change your appearance, just do a braided hairstyle. Braid styles for men are the best for men with black and curly hair. If you are a brave man, it is a new idea for you to do full-out fishtail or edgy cornrows braids. Nowadays, men braids hairstyles are not only for men with medium-length or long hair. Hairdressers can style your short hair with the help of braided extensions. This way, you can choose the most suitable hair length. You can look at pictures of braid designs for men and make a decision, what type of hairstyle you would like to do.

19. Stunning Braid Styles for Men

If you have long black and thick hair, you should try the same look like these Braid Styles for Men. This style for hair is very popular now. You will look awesome and at the same time you will save lots of time taking care of your long hair.

20. Hilarious Braids for Men

Nowadays, more and more teenagers prefer to have long hair. If you want to impress everyone, you should try the following Braids for Men. If you look at this teenage model, you will understand why this hairstyle is so popular. Do not forget to give a unique touch with some faded on the back side of the head.

21. Creative Men Braid Styles

Have you ever tried such Men Braid Styles? This look is so creative. If you will do the same curly braids, all people around will be impressed. Also, this hairstyle will spare lots of time as your hair will be neat all the time. Give it a try right now!

22. Variety of Men Braids

Men with long hair will enjoy the following ideas of Men Braids. You can make such braids and collect them all in a bun, as our model did. This hair design will look awesome on young men, making their style really unique. You can lay with the number and shape of the braids to get a perfect result.

23. Adorable Men With Braided Hair

Do you want to look really stylish? Pay your attention to the following Men With Braided Hair. Such a hairstyle does not require too long hair. Make sure that your hair on the top is enough long to make a braid. The sides you can keep very short. Do not make braids with all your hair. Make one and tight it with the rest of the hair into a bun.

24. Interesting Hair Braids for Men

This is a new trend to have a beard and such Hair Braids for Men. This is a very interesting combination which is very popular nowadays. If you have light brown beard and long hair on the top of the head, you can make several braids and tight a bun.

25. Cool Men with Braids

Some men really love to experiment with their look, like this handsome model with braids and small white flowers as a décor. Anyways, you can use the following Men with Braids as a pattern and modify it according to your style and preferences. This is a stylish option for men with blond hair and not very thick hair.

26. Fashionable Braided Hairstyles for Men

Would you like to make a very stylish look? Discover a lot of new Braided Hairstyles for Men presented in our collection. If you have the hair like this model, you can try to ask your hair stylist to do the same style with braids. A great mix of small and big braids makes a shape of a beautiful mandala on your head.

27. Top Mens Braided Hair

What is your opinion of men who do braids? Most probably, you will like the following Mens Braided Hair which makes these male models look very young, stylish and sexy. This hairstyle can be mixed with both casual and official clothes. Do not forget about stylish sunglasses. Both variants look stunning.

28. Modern Braids Men

You will be surprised, but many men do braids. Look at this handsome male model with braids on the to of his head. He decided to cut the hair on the sides short to give even bigger contrast to his look. Definitely, Braids Men rock now!

29. Cute Braids on Men

If you have the hair of a medium length and you want to look like this male model, you should try the following Braids on Men at least once. There is no need to do braids all around your head. You can make few braids, mix them with the rest of the hair and tight a bun.

30. New Braid Designs for Men

Have you ever tried one of these Braid Designs for Men? You should definitely give it a try! You should avoid boring braids, but try to repeat this scheme presented on this male model. This is a perfect pattern of perfect braids you can ever find. Braids combined with a bun are great!

31. Cool Braided Hairstyles for Black Man

Braided hairstyles for black man are a perfect way to forget about hairstyling for a certain period of time. Zig-Zag braids, Intricate Male braids, double braided mohawk, classic cornrows and other awesome hairstyles are very popular this summer. If you want to look stylish, just braid your hair.

32. The Best Male French Braids

Male French braids look perfectly and stylishly. You can do braids at the back of your head, at the side or over the head, as you want. Men with French braids are very attractive and they have a special charm. Probably, you would like such hairstyle, because of its convenience and stylishness.

33. Creative Men with French Braids

Do you have hair which is thick, curly, and difficult to take care about? Then you should pay our attention to the following Men with French Braids. You can divide your hair into two parts and make two braids around your head. This hairstyle looks very stylish and you will not have to fight with your hair all the time.

34. Mens French Braids

Do you want to have a unique hair? If you have at least a bit long hair on the top, you should use these Mens French Braids as a perfect pattern. The braids have different size and shape and this mix looks very stylish. You will look very young and stylish with braids like these.

35. Stunning French Braid on Men

Do you like the look this male model has? This is a very trendy French Braid on Men this season. This hairstyle is very easy to repeat. The only thing you have to do is to cut your hair short on the sides and lave long hair on the top. Make a braid and a small bun. You will rock!

36. Sexy Box Braids Guys

Men with long dark hair should check out the following ideas of Box Braids Guys. This is a very impressive look. If you have a long hair, you should do many small braids and tight them on the top of the head. You will look very sexy. At the same time, this hairstyle is very practical and will spare a lot of time for you.

37. Handsome Box Braids Men

This model knows how to look stunning and make all women turn their heads. Nowadays, such Box Braids Men are in trend. You should follow this pattern and do the same braids all around your head and a small bun on the back side. Make sure that the shape of braids of neat and creative.

38. Great Box Braids for Men

These hairstyles are also a great way of styling for men with long hair. Box braids for men add some bravery for your look. Just try such hairstyle and your appearance will change in full. If you don’t like square partings of your hair, you can choose another hairstyle with braids.

39. Unique Box Braids on Men and Boys

Does your boy have a long hair? Your child will look very cool if you do similar hairstyle as it is demonstrated on the following Box Braids on Men. Our small model looks very creative. Do not forget to put some matching beads to make the look of your boy perfect.

40. Variety of New Box Braids Male

Do you want to do something unusual with your hair? Men should experiment more often. What do you think about the following Box Braids Male? To do this hairstyle you do not need too long or too thick hair. Just make small braids in a chaotic order. Women love such a messy look.

41. Unusual Cornrow Braids Men

Have you ever done a cornrow braid? We have these new ideas for Cornrow Braids Men which you should definitely try. Your look will be awesome. You can make two braids on the top of the head and tight them both in a bun. This hairstyle is very popular these days and you should follow the fashion and experiment with this style.

42. Impressive Two Braids Men

This kind of Two Braids Men is something hilarious. This hair design will match even men with thin hair. Braids on the top of the head, making a circle shape look very impressive. The edge of your hair should be shaved very short. You can mix it with ear-rings or a beard to give you more masculine look.

43. The Best Two Braids for Men

If you like the look of this guy, you should use this the best Two Braids for Men as a pattern. If you have long hair on the top, you can divide them and make this kind of braids. Mix it with a bun and you will look very sexy and handsome.