Learn How-to-do Nubian Twist

Do you need a hairstyle for the new upcoming party? Get the Nubian Twist hair. It’s one of my favorite styles as it looks perfect for black hair. It’s shorter and lighter than most of the other hair extensions such as Havana, Marley or Senegalese. So it’s perfect for those with short hair and want a simple style. No matter how much kinky hair you have, Nubian hair extensions still can get you the nice looking hair you want.


Here are the steps:

  1. Spray a fine mist of water with a few drops of essential oil or you can use a dab of wax to prepare your hair before braiding.
  2. Separate a section of your hair about the size of a 1 cent coin.
  3. Clip the rest of the section of hair you are not working on.
  4. Unpack the Nubian hair extension and fold it in half.
  5. Wrap the hair extension around your original hair section.
  6. Begin to perform 3 simple strand braid until the end of the hair length.
  7. Use some styling wax or dip in hot water to seal off the end.

Done, you are ready to party!

(Image source: Pinterest Hair)