Jason Derulo “Want to Want Me” won CMT Award “Performance of the Year” 2017

So hot Jason Derulo and Luke Bryan won CMT Performance of the Year. His song “Want to Want Me” has been dressing up in clubs and parties since 2015. And we love it. He’s changed his looks since the Grammy at the start of the year. Jason didn’t tie his braid at the top and now sports a back braid for the event. Also, he’s gone for the more natural boy next-door-look. The one inch parting between his cornrows is missing in favor for more tighter rows between the hair weaves. So we love it and congratulations on winning CMT!

Jason at the Grammy

(Image source: theybf.com)

New man braid


Handsome Jason and his faux braid….


Start of the performance


Stunning performance! and he looks hot!….

(Image Source: Pinterest Meg and Luke Bryan)




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