Hair Braiding the right way

One of the oldest methods of maintaining your hair is to braid it and such is the popularity of hair braiding today that you can find many different variations used in different countries. The English will braid their hair in one way while the French and the Dutch also have their own ways to do it. In addition, there are the fishtail styles that form one of the many different hair braiding styles.


Different hair braiding styles can also be used for different occasions, formal or casual and once you get the hang of it; hair braiding can become second nature. Before actually going in for hair braiding you need a number of essential items including a wide-tooth comb as well as a bobbin or something to hold a ponytail. Some people prefer to braid their hair while it is still damp, in which case you may want to keep a bottle of water at hand.

When braiding dry hair, be sure to have a gel or spray applied on the hair to facilitate easier hair braiding. Before braiding your hair you should divide the hair into three sections and keep the left section between the thumb and left index finger. You don’t need the middle finger and the right section of hair can be held by the right index finger and thumb which will cause a pattern for braiding to be created.


Next, you need to take the middle section and grab it with the right middle finger and the right thumb. The index fingers can be extended in order to move that part of the hair making up the middle section. To pull the middle section behind the left section you can use the left fingers. Then using an extended left index finger and the thumb you can make the left section become the middle section.


Finally, you must shift some of the hair that is hooked to the right middle finger to position it between the thumb and right index finger. You must also transfer the part of your hair hooked in the left middle finger in order for it to be positioned between the left index finger and the thumb. The entire process must repeat itself till the hair is completely braided. That is all there is to hair braiding and this process can easily be repeated until the braid is completed.

If you want the braids to be very tight then the middle section needs to be pulled in the horizontal direction. And, in the end, you must tie the tip of the hair with a covered rubber band or bobbin. The whole process of hair braiding does take time to learn and you must be patient and practice often to get it right. You also need to learn not to pull too hard at the hair since that may cause the hair to fallout. You don’t need to be beauty and hair expert to braid your hair though there are many such experts to do the job for you. In the end, it is your perseverance and deft touch that will cause your hair to be braided just right.