How to Prep Hair for 100 Day Hair Braids

Caring for your natural hair and scalp should come first before any type of hair installation, especially with 100 Day Braids braids. Starting off with that healthy foundation will ensure a longer-lasting protective style that will encourage your own natural hair to grow and retain its length by protecting it from damage and breakage. When wearing […]

Hair Loss Prevention Secrets

Without a doubt, hair is one of the most reliable indicators of the body’s health. Scientists can even test it to determine what diseases a person has had, or any drugs they have used. Almost everything that has passed through the bloodstream ends up in the hair. Naturally, this includes vitamins and minerals. Many of […]

7 Steps to Healthy Natural Hair

Where’s My Hair? After graduating from cosmetology school, having a fundamental understanding of hair, one day I realized my hair was different from my childhood hair, in density and length, and by length, I mean not having any. Where was my hair? It was an undeniable question for so many who surrounded me friends, family […]