Learning Hair Braiding: How to Make Sure You Get Your Money’s Worth

In Africa and many other parts of the world, hair braiding techniques have been handed down from generation to generation. Young children sit patiently while their mothers, aunts or older sisters braid cornrows or other ethnic hairstyles. Later, these same children can be found practicing braided hairstyles on younger siblings or playmates. Perhaps you’ve grown […]

The Origins of Hair Braiding

From the Far Eastern single braided ponytail to complex cornrows in the heart of Africa, from Viking plaits in the cold North to Native American feather-bedecked braids, hair braiding has adorned men, women and children with creativity and originality for centuries. A bird’s eye flight around the ancient world would have unveiled the following hair […]

Single Girl’s Guide to Makeover Magic

Let’s face it, girlfriends. Thanks to cable TV, we’re now addicted to endless episodes of makeover shows where each “Plain Jane,” with her closet-from-hell, learns to choose the right clothes, makeup, and hair style, then right before our eyes, transforms into a real beauty! And, ever notice how looking great makes her feel empowered? And, […]

How to Dress Up for Bou Bhaat

Bengali weddings have a lot of culture and flavor involved in them. The weddings are a long ceremony segmented by various days. Each of these days symbolize a particular stage of the wedding and it is very important that all these stages be followed. The day of bou bhaat is the step before the final […]