Box Braid Color Tips

30 Colored Box Braids

If you choose box braids as your protective hair braid style, you might consider to experiment with color. Colorful box braids not only give your look a fresh outlook but also add-in some fun, modern twist. Whether you choose to go for a subtle, natural-looking color or a hue that’s peppy and electrifying, give your braid a fresh color a try. Synthetic braiding hair is available in many different colors, giving you easy freedom to choose the shade (or shades) that is just right for you. Here are some color tips sure to keep you captivated and impressed.

Braiding Hair Options for Box Braids with Color

Blue-Ombre-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

Synthetic hair is often used in box braids, not only it provides greater hair length but also longer lasting to your hairstyle. Adding braiding hair helps prevent flyaways and frizz; it also helps protect your natural hair. Some braids brands are typically heavy and coarse and not suitable for box braid as we don’t want to create a messy just out-of-bed frizzy hair braid. Most stylists highly recommend Kanekalon hair as the most popular choice for box braids due to it’s lightweight, has a smooth texture (closer to natural hair) and comes in a variety of colors. X-Pression brand hair is one type of Kanekalon hair, smoother and softer than regular Kanekalon hair; but it costs a little more. However, X-Pression brand hair comes in bundles that are longer and fuller, so you don’t have to buy many packs. Acrylic yarn, not really mainstream in hair world, is another consideration for box braids. If you have an unnatural body reaction to Kanekalon hair or if you’re looking for less common and/or unconventional colors, yarn may be your best bet. It really comes down to the look you’re going for; yarn braids might not everyone’s cup of tea.

Choosing A Color For Your Box Braids

box-braids-with-color-hair braiding tips

One way to choose a color for your box braids is to think about which colors you will be wearing most of the time. Think about which shades of lipstick look best on you or that top that makes your complexion pop. Also, consider your lifestyle: do you work in a liberal or quiet office environment? Do you want a less flashy, neutral color that won’t clash with anything you choose to wear? The good news is, there are plenty of ways to play around with color. You can go for monochrome or two-toned, ombre, or multi-colored braids. If you are hesitant to go with a bold color, a dark shade of maroon, a golden brown hue, or a very electrifying blue may be more your style. Even a quiet change from your natural hair color can make a big difference.

Styling Versatility and Color Choices

Multicolor-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

Getting colorful box braids is a fun way to temporarily change your hair color, get a preview of what you’d look with a certain hair color, or dress up your hair for a special occasion. The wide range of colors available makes colored braids an option for everyone, whether you’re bold and adventurous or more reserved and conservative. Here are 30 colored box braids styles to give you inspiration for your next look.


1.Purple Box Braids

Purple-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These box braids are a gorgeous shade of purple. This is a great choice if you want a color that’s on the darker end of the spectrum but still fun and vibrant.

2.Indigo Box Braids

Indigo-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These box braids have a sleek, smooth look, which helps the beautiful indigo color pop. Kanekalon hair is probably your best bet if you want to recreate this look. Indigo is a gorgeous color that you won’t see every day.

3.Red Box Braids

Red-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These hip-length box braids are a great choice for those who like to have a lot of length to play with. The ends of these dark red braids are curled, giving the style some texture.

4.Lavender Box Braids

Lavender-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These gorgeous lavender box braids will have you feeling like a goddess. Adorn them with a few gold beads or gems for an even more ethereal look.

5.Pink Ombre Box Braids

Pink-Ombre-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

You’ll be pretty in pink in these cotton candy-colored box braids. The ombre color helps create a nice color contrast and allows you to match the roots with your natural hair color.

6.Rainbow Colored Box Braids

Rainbow-Colored-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These beautiful rainbow colored box braids are sure to make you stand out in a crowd. If you’re not afraid to be adventurous with color, these braids are a great styling option.

7.Ombre Turquoise Box Braids

Ombre-Turquoise-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

If you want box braids that are a slightly unconventional color, consider these pretty ombre turquoise braids.

8.Candy Pink Box Braids

Candy-Pink-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These fun candy pink box braids are styled into two french braids that fall over each shoulder. This is a great color for the summer months.

9.Olive Green Box Braids

Olive-Green-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

Olive green is an unusal color for box braids but the final look is absolutely beautiful, and one definitely won’t see every day.

10.Pastel Colored Box Braids

Pastel-Colored-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

If you’re having a hard time deciding on a color for your box braids, why limit yourself to only one? These pretty pastel colors look great together.

11.Multi-Colored Blue Box Braids

Multi-Colored-Blue-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

Multiple shades of blue are used to create this style; this is a unique way to play with more than one color.

12.Pink Box Braids

Pink-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These pretty pink box braids are styled into cute space buns for a fun, carefree look that’s perfect for a trip to the beach or an afternoon out with friends.

13.Blue and Purple Chunky Box Braids

Blue-And-Purple-Chunky-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

If you like chunky box braids, this may be just the right style for you. The sleek, shiny finish of the braiding hair really helps accentuate the gorgeous shades of blue and purple.

14.Aqua-Colored Box Braids

Aqua-Colored-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

This stunning shade of aqua is another unconventional color for box braids. These braids are sure to be a show-stopper wherever you go.

15.Yellow Box Braids Double Buns

Yellow-Box-Braids-Double-Buns-hair braiding tips

These sunflower yellow box braids are absolutely beautiful. Styled into double buns, these braids invoke memories of summer no matter what time of year you choose to wear them.

16.Teal Box Braids

Teal-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

Teal is a great color choice for box braids because it compliments so many different skin tones. It’s also one of those colors that work all year around.

17.Light Pink Box Braids

Light-Pink-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

This cute half up half down high bun gives these gorgeous pink box braids a casual but sophisticated look.

18.Black and Silver Box Braids

Black-And-Silver-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These black and silver box braids create a striking color contrast. Silver beads on the black braids further emphasizes this contrast.

19.Blonde Ombre Box Braids

Blonde-Ombre-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

This ombre blonde color looks amazing on these ultra long box braids. You can do just about any style with braids this length.

20.Black and Blue Box Braids

Black-And-Blue-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

Ombre braids aren’t the only way to rock two different colors at once. Using two different shades of braiding hair is a great way to play with color combination.

21.Light Green Ombre Box Braids

Light-Green-Ombre-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

If green is your color, these light green ombre box braids may be just right for you. They fall right around the hips, a great length for styles like buns and ponytails.

22.Grey Ombre Box Braids

Grey-Ombre-Box-Braids hair braiding tips

There was a time when women would go to great lengths to avoid grey hair, but it’s become a hot color trend in recent years. Looking at these gorgeous grey ombre box braids, it’s not hard to see why.

23.Pink and Blonde Ombre Box Braids

Pink-And-Blonde-Ombre-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

Pink, blonde and black create an absolutely beautiful color combination. A cute half up half down ponytail is a great way to show off these stunning box braids.

24.Silver Ombre Box Braids

Silver-Ombre-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

Black and silver always look amazing together; these ombre box braids are a great example.

25.Green Ombre Box Braids

Green-Ombre-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

The color green is often associated with positive attributes; good fortune, renewal, wealth. This may be why green box braids always feel so fresh and in season.

26.Lavender and Aqua Box Braids

Lavender-And-Aqua-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

If mermaid hair is your thing, these gorgeous lavender and aqua ombre box braids are a great way to achieve the look while protecting your natural hair.

27.Thick Green Box Braids

Thick-Green-Box-Braids hair braiding tips

You’ll look and feel like a goddess with these long green box braids. These braids a nice size: thicker than pencil-sized braids but not quite thick enough to be considered “chunky”.

28.Silver Box Braids

Silver-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These hip-length silver box braids are simply stunning. This is a great look if you want a color that’s bold but still slightly understated.

29.Black and Blonde Box Braids

Black-and-Blonde-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These honey blonde and black box braids are a great look if you want your braids to be two different colors but you don’t want to go the ombre route. The blonde braids are mostly in the back, allowing you to style and show off the color combination in several different ways.

30.Green Box Braids

Green-Box-Braids-hair braiding tips

These gorgeous green box braids look great styled into two high pigtails. This is a great warm weather look, practical enough for a trip to the pool and cute enough for an afternoon out with friends.